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I was in my office, having yet another tough day. I had previous day’s work to complete as well as to achieve today’s target. I felt a sense of hopelessness.

I took a field work and was out of office. After completing my outside work, I thought of taking a walk. A smile flickered my face as I broke my daily routine and took a walk along the sea face. The ‘work pressure’ feeling came back. I kept that aside and concentrated on nature’s beauty as cold breeze blew past me. I felt rejuvenated as I inhaled fresh air.

Suddenly there was a downpour. Some people were running for cover, while some were dancing in the rains. I stood there and watch the happy environment, as children jumped in puddle. I realize that these people, facing their own problems, were still enjoying the happy moments. That sense of despair and stress of work was replaced by a desire to feel happy.

I realized a person can only be happy if he wants to be happy.  Work always will be there, it upto you to do it happily or grumble about it.

A car’s horn brought me back from my philosophical world.

I glanced at the watch and realized it was time to reach office.

I concluded my brief outing and started my return journey to office with a positive notion.

There are many small things in life which gives us inspiration – never lose hope.

There are many things in life which must be enjoyed…. A peaceful silent walk is among one of those.


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